What you need to know about Forex EA – they burrow!

Everyone knows that forex experts are a new “hot” thing in foreign exchange trading. For those who don’t know what Forex EA is, it stands for Forex Expert Advisor. In essence, it is a trading robot. Developer EA creates a trading system with lagging metrics such as stochastics and moving averages, and creates code that […]

RSI Paint Indicator looks for divergences and reversals for Forex traders

If you have been in Forex trading for a very long time, you can read about divergences. Divergences are important because they tell the trader that there has been some change in price and momentum and that the price is moving against the trend. But if you do more research, you will see that there […]

Why is Forex Trading with Stochastics Harder Than It Seems?

When people first learn about trading in stochastics, it seems so ridiculously simple. We are all taught that there are several ways to trade stochastics. The most commonly taught methods are usually to buy when the lines cross more than 20 or the stochastic lines intersect in an upward direction. You should sell when the […]

Signals for Forex Trading – What are the different types of EA signals offered?

Automated examinations These types of consultants are installed on your trading platform. While they can offer trading and possible profits on autopilot, with no real work other than installation on your part, most experts of this type do force you to give up control of your own trading account. They have become very popular in […]

How to make money without day trading "Raising a finger" – Take care of trading software

Everyone wants to negotiate money, but many people don’t know how to do it consistently. Making money on the stock market can be a challenge. With all the price movements going on, there is a lot of chance of winning. However, there is also risk where there is potential. Therefore, it is essential to have […]