MT4 Trend Line EA – Trend has facilitated Trading and Breakout

We present a new trend line EA tool for Forex Meta-trader 4 trading platform. This software comes with technical and sales support for the community.

How Trend Line EA works

You draw lines by hand on the chart, and when the price breaks or touches the line, the move will instruct the EA to make a trade entry. Forex users can open market orders or pending orders with this EA.

The drawn trend line can be horizontal, vertical lines or any. Lines drawn with any gradient can still act as an waiting order. This feature is very useful in channel or trend line trading, as this powerful feature is not found in the standard work of the Meta-Trader 4 trading platform.

Expected Order Official

In order to program the drawn lines to perform trade inputs, the lines must have special codes in the line description. You can easily refer to the guide to copy and paste the codes into the line description.

Ordering an expected order can be as easy as typing ‘AL’ in the line description, and a trade entry will be made immediately when the price is cut or the line is touched. If you want to order a pending sale, type ‘SAT’ to place a pending order in the line.

When a trade is made on the line, it will end and cease operations. Therefore, any line can be used only once. Trading entry rules, such as suspension or profit levels, entry lot size, and sliding, can be set in advance before trading can take place.

Mark and Paste

An additional advantage of an order waiting for a drawn line is that the user can easily drag the trend line around the chart, and the waiting order will be moved to a new location. It works almost like dragging and dropping with this tool.

Advanced Trend Line EA Features

In addition to drawing an expected order, you can add a single or several partially close rows to the table. By marking these lines on a specific waiting line, these newly added partially adjacent lines will be linked to the order ticket number executed by the labeled waiting order line.

You can also draw your own stop-loss lines, take profit lines, partially zoom in and bring stop-loss to breakven lines.

A stop-loss on a harmless line is the transfer of the stop-loss level to the entry price of a trade when the price crosses or touches that line. This action makes trading a harmless trade.

This expert advisor is a very effective tool for forex traders, because it literally trades on behalf of the user, thereby reducing any trading stress. Forex traders can use this tool to trade many technical chart patterns. Makes Forex trading easier than ever. If you can draw a few lines in the diagram, then it will work by itself. It is a general trading freedom for the user as there is not really much after preparing the schedule for today.

Expectations must be corrected

Trendline EA is a semi-automated ea designed specifically for manual forex traders. What people need to understand is that this program is as good as a trader’s technical analysis skills and trading experience.

It’s like leaving a few lines on the chart and moving away, a trader can now make money from forex trading. Although this tool provides this opportunity, the developers do not think so.

Developers want to empower traders with full entry and exit trading performance. This will provide more control over forex entry and exit and will therefore lead to the use of a more advanced forex trading system. Power comes when you can run all of these systems on automation, and you spend more time studying the market. After the desired period, the baby is not required to sit in the trade.

But honestly, if you can draw a line, you can make money by applying information about market volatility, support and resistance, price transactions and money management to your forex trading with this program.

Trend line EA is a program that helps a hand trader to automate forex trading strategy. The user must draw a trend line on the chart and the EA must shop for it.

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