Learning volume spread analysis

I am trading using a method called VSA or Volume Spread Analysis from Tom Syndicate, a former syndicate trader living in the US. His basic theology is based on 3 principles.

1. Volume tracking and understanding that shows the actual activities of professionals, which is most important because professionals do not market to market retailers.

2. It warns a trader of the bullishness or bearishness of a certain price movement after the high / low of each occurrence spreads.

3. Following the closing price, or price action that tells you how the price spreads the volume and how.

Using these 3 strategies you can successfully trade right in the market with professionals. Once you learn to understand these principles you will find that your decisions to enter a business are not based on what you actually see and are not short-sighted.

Tom Williams extended the study of another big businessman at Wycoff to create a conventional software program, known as Trade-Guide, that can trade. Which runs around 3K. However, I do not advise you to spend your money on this B / CT you have learned your own policies and can trade successfully without pocketing.

I trade a pair based on what I collect from the daily charts and when you enter me into a trade I look at the spreads and volume based on which I see any demand bar that closes on a weak volume or a professional There is no support for that move. Or a down move that has no professional support. As a way to better understand VSA, you can access the volume and your accelerator pedal in a car and your spread is the actual speed, the chart is your car must reach the top. Gas took a lot of action but the actual movement of your car did not move very much.

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