Review of ZWinner forex trading systems


Dr. Zain Aga has a Ph.D. in chemistry and alternative medicine specializing in hypnotherapy. He was a researcher and later became a hypnotherapist-consultant at a psychiatric hospital for the treatment of psychosomatic patients.

In 2000, he became interested in Forex Market and Forex Trading. He developed his first successful Forex trading system called Forex Trading Secret Strategy. As a specialist researcher, he has been perfecting his Forex trading over the years, including all relevant factors in his systems, such as the impact of news in the foreign exchange market, etc. In January 2008, he released the Z-100, which in two years made some of his students millionaires. In May 2012, he launched a 10-day Forex mentoring program, and several different trading systems are provided as part of the course.

What is offered?

Z-20 Advanced Breakout

This system was designed to identify breakthroughs with a high probability of transactions during the opening of the London market. During the Asian session the market is not very volatile, but variability and volumes increase when the London market opens. This system takes advantage of this phenomenon and you will be profitable.

American breakthrough Z-20

This system was developed on the same principle as the Z-20 Advanced Breakout System, but is only suitable in the US market.


You can apply this Forex trading system to any market conditions. You can trade on long-term (1-hour and 4-hour charts), short-term, even scalp if you want. The system is reliable and profitable.

Z-5 Forex scalping

Pip targets are larger than the usual goal of scalping – 3 to 5 points.

Mentoring on ZWinner Forex

A 10-day course covering (1) Ownership of ZWinner Forex trading systems and the development of price discrimination, and (2) Markets for trading.


Z-20 Advanced Breakout: £ 197.00

American Z-20 breakthrough: £ 197.00

ZWinner-21: £ 197.00

Z-5 Forex Scalping: £ 147.00

ZWinner Forex Mentoring: The mentoring system is only for serious forex traders (aren’t we all?). The total cost is $ 1,575 if you sign up by January 31, 2013.

Announced results

Z-20 Advanced Breakout: 20 pips and more for each pair. This system will work for a trader who is comfortable with 50 to 80 items per day.

The American breakout of Z-20: 10 and more pips for each currency pair.

ZWinner-21: 100 points per day with scalping.

Z-5 Forex: up to 500 points per day, traded only EUR / USD and EUR / JPY.


ZWinner’s offerings are very impressive. Go ahead and use the trading systems offered by Dr. Zayn Agai and you will become a successful and profitable forex trader.

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