What is the best Forex trading platform? Don’t waste money

When I first started trading, I often wondered, what is the best trading platform in the Forex market? After all, I remember seeing these thousand-dollar trading platforms being promoted both online and in television advertising. They really made the impression that you would never be able to succeed in trading if you didn’t have this magical software.

The ad would be very glossy and it showed that the platform has hundreds if not thousands of bells and whistles at its disposal. If you’re a new trader, how would you not be impressed by such things? But when you gain more experience in trading, the truth really starts to manifest, meaning that none of this is really needed.

That is why so many people struggle with forex. They are deceived that all these devices actually give some understanding of the market. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Strictly speaking, they hinder you. They block your view of the importance of pricing. Truth be told, you could trade in the market just by looking at a simple chart or candlestick.

You can just use one of the many free trading platforms that are available in the market, such as Metatrader. There are dozens of brokers that offer free downloads on Metatrader charts.

Just pick up the basic chart and the candlestick chart and keep an eye on the value of your favorite currency pair, and eventually you will start to notice the inherent market support and resistance points.

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