Ryan Watts Emini Trading Program Review

Ryan Watts E-mini Trading

I started trading the futures of the indexes in 2004. My first year negotiating ES (S&P E-mini) contracts was a long year for me, especially when I was in the game and I’m a tremendous player.

Luckily, in 2005 I came across Ryan Watts and his Scalping the E-mini Futures & Forex learning program. I can’t tell you it was an experience that opened my eyes to me. If I had known about this program in 2004, I would have saved $ 1,000 in earnings.

After personally negotiating using Ryan Watts ’day trading system, I think I can do a fairly non-partisan review. Mr. Watts is the first trader and the second teacher and uses these techniques daily to scale ES (e-mini S&P), YM (e-mini Dow) and also trades in the foreign exchange market (Forex). What you achieve with Watts Trading is made up of three parts, the first being an e-book with examples and configurations of tables, the second being progressive flow exercises and finally you will definitely have lifelong access to the live trading room.

* The ebook gives you the mechanics of its process, the steps to prepare for each trading day, and the outline of how focused you are in your trading work. All of the tools Ryan uses are listed in the e-book, with detailed information about each.

* What you achieve with progressive flow exercises is a step-by-step process that you will use to progress as a trader. Traders should gradually progress as their skills improve and this is what these exercises are all about. You can move at your own pace and build the confidence you need to succeed.

There are many other useful pages on yahoo groups on the Watts Trading Group page. Diagram templates are also provided, which makes things much faster when you’re going to set up your diagrams. There are some.pdf that helped me adapt my schemas and make minor adjustments to the application entry. There are also suggestions from colleagues in the trading room who like to share their knowledge and will also lend a hand. One document that I found particularly useful was an explanation of the stages of cost action by Mr. Watts. It was wonderful to see how the market looks and what the cost action is.

Watts Trading I recommend a nice scalping strategy for someone who wants to have Forex or index futures.

When I first bought it and started it, I found the live trading room very useful. Mr. Watts is negotiating this specific process on a daily basis so that he can also see his live charts, which is helpful to see real-world trades. If you need help or have any questions, always give it to him and he will show you what criteria to use to make or forward trades.

Mr. Watts will also answer any questions you may have about his negotiation process if he is in the trading room or always by email. This helped me recover from the fungus and take serious steps as a trader. Don’t expect Mr. Watts to make calls because it’s not a room to call, but to pass over his professions. Negotiating the same market as Mr. Watts and taking the same trade helped me increase my confidence.

When you learn to trust yourself and the indicators (signals), you will make trading a reality with profitability and consistency.

You can get more information by going to Watts Trading.

May your next trade be profitable.

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