Renko Brick Forex Trading Strategy Jide Ojo Review – A robust mechanical system!

Most Forex traders are familiar with Candlestick Charts. Candle charts were invented by Japanese rice merchants in the 16th century. Over the centuries, these graphics have become an art form. What about another Japanese invention, the Renko Charts?

Yes, Renko Charts is another Japanese creation that is still widely used in forex trading, many forex traders have never heard of these charts. These schedules are based not only on time, but also on price. You will find a new candle or a stick in an ordinary candlestick or after a certain period of time in a stick table, but not in the Renko Graph.

Renko charts show a new brick only when the market moves with a steady increase. By the way, Renko is a Japanese word for a brick. Now this brick can consist of 1 caterpillar, 5 caterpillars, 10 caterpillars or more price increase. However, it is always good to keep the size of the brick small. It may take a few minutes, it may take a few hours, or it may take a few days for a new brick to form. In any case, these Renko Graphs are ideal for determining changes in micro-sensitivity in the market.

Renko Brick Forex Trading Strategy is a completely healthy mechanical forex trading strategy that can be easily mastered. Jide Ojo shows you how to master Renko Charts and how to use this Renko Brick Forex Trading Strategy. It only takes a few minutes every day to inspect commercial structures. This is a completely price-based strategy that does not use any indicators. With this strategy you will be a FREE indicator. Jide Ojo will show you how to build Renko charts and from there a simple forex strategy that will often put you on the right side of the market.

It only takes a few minutes to check the trade setup. If you find yourself building a highly likely trade, place a pending order and that’s it. You can try Renko Brick Forex Trading Strategy with Jide Ojo Risk FREE for 60 days on your demo account. Jide Ojo does not ask you any questions that do not guarantee a 60-day money back with an iron dress. This is a simple color trading strategy that you must first apply and master in your demo account. Try this strategy on a micro account for a week or two after you start creating consecutive winners on your demo account. Then start trading with him live. Good luck!

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