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Kommunens läge i regionen Normandie paris rouen PDF Frankrike. Staden ligger i nordvästra Frankrike vid floden Seine och är huvudstad i regionen Normandie.

Rouen har drygt 100 000 invånare medan Stor-Rouen har drygt 518 000 invånare. Invånarna i staden kallas på franska Rouennais. Rouen är känt för katedralen Notre Dame, som inte ska förväxlas med katedralen med samma namn i Paris, och för att Jeanne d’Arc 1431 blev bränd på bål i staden. Sidan redigerades senast den 23 december 2018 kl. Wikipedias text är tillgänglig under licensen Creative Commons Erkännande-dela-lika 3. According to legend, developed in the 11th century, the diocese was founded by Nicasius, a disciple of St. Denis who was martyred after arriving in Normandy towards the end of the first century on a mission from Pope Clement I.

The seat of the archbishop is the 13th century Gothic Rouen Cathedral. King of France also enjoyed the right of nomination of a considerable number of benefices in the archdiocese. The Cathedral was heavily damaged, along with other buildings in Rouen, during World War II and later rebuilt. The archdiocese was the site of the terrorist attack at the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray. Imagining the Sacred Past: Hagiography and Power in Early Normandy. Cambridge MA USA: Harvard University Press. Ouen appear to have had an active part.

For the Deans of the Cathedral Chapter of Rouen, see Fisquet, pp. Cambridge MA USA: Cambridge University Press. Bishop Avitianus was present at the Council of Arles in 314. He subscribed the acts of the Council of Cologne of 346, and the Council of Sardica in 347. Victricius visited Rome toward the end of 403.

207 note 2, remarks that his name does not appear in the two oldest episcopal lists. Germanus participated in the first Council of Tours in 461. Only his name is known from the episcopal lists. Gildaredus took part in the First Council of Orléans in 511. 14 with note 3: « C’est tout ce qu’on peut dire de certain. Praetextatus was present at the Council of Tours in 567.

In 577, at a council in Paris, he was accused of treason by King Chilperic, and imprisoned until the king’s death in 584. He was present at the Council of Mâcon in 585. 586, Queen Fredegund had him assassinated. Melantius was the recipient of a papal letter in June 601. Hidulfus was present at the Council of Paris in 614. 689 in a charter issued during a provincial council. Grimo is attested in 744, as the recipient of the pallium from Pope Zacharias at the request of Saint Boniface.

Adalardus was present at the Council of Deuzey in August 871. Bishop John was present at the Council of Metz in 888: J. Archbishop Hervé of Reims of 26 June 909. Robert Poulain was granted his bulls of consecration and installation on 23 August 1208. Bishop Odo’s election was not canonically carried out and so it was quashed by Pope Innocent IV, who immediately provided him anyway, on 30 March 1245.