55 is a suite of pARIS, LA NUIT PDF pieces by Maurice Ravel, written in 1908. The piece is famous for its difficulty, partly because Ravel intended the Scarbo movement to be more difficult than Balakirev’s Islamey. Because of its technical challenges and profound musical structure, Scarbo is considered one of the most difficult solo piano pieces in the standard repertoire.

« Je cherchais une lumière particulière… » La nuit, Thibaut
Lafaye part en quête de lumière dans un Paris fantasmé, un
Paris rien qu’à soi, révélé par le halo d’un réverbère, retrouvé
au détour d’une rue de faubourg, sublimé par le passage d’une
silhouette furtive. Il nous conduit en des lieux familiers mais
jamais aperçus, joue du cadre et de la lumière pour nous faire
perdre tout repère temporel. Sommes-nous aujourd’hui ? Hier
? Dans la vie ou au cinéma ?

The manuscript currently resides in the Harry Ransom Center of the University of Texas at Austin. The name « Gaspard » is derived from its original Persian form, denoting « the man in charge of the royal treasures »: « Gaspard of the Night » or the treasurer of the night thus creates allusions to someone in charge of all that is jewel-like, dark, mysterious, perhaps even morose. Of the work, Ravel himself said: « Gaspard has been a devil in coming, but that is only logical since it was he who is the author of the poems. My ambition is to say with notes what a poet expresses with words.

Dijon, who lent him the book. When he goes in search of M. Gaspard to return the volume, he asks, ‘Tell me where M. The opening melody at bar 2 evokes a line of song and is similar in form and subject to the main theme in Sirènes from Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes.