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Au vu de la nature des matériaux – terre cuite, acier, fonte ou bronze – les figures de Hanneke Beaumont vibrent d’une légèreté paradoxale. Toute sa conception et tout son processus de réalisation sont marqués par sa quête d’un arrangement syntaxique à même de conférer aux différentes parties de l’œuvre une unité de composition à travers un subtil jeu d’équilibre spatial. Le message de l’artiste n’est pas, et ne se veut pas, ouvertement politique. Ses sculptures représentent autrement l’être humain ; les figures ne sont pas simplement formes mais signifiants de l’esprit et du corps, de l’humanité luttant pour faire de la pensée un sentiment et pour découvrir, simultanément, le sentiment au travers de la pensée. C’est leur immédiateté intuitive et spontanée qui en fait des figures  » universelles « .

Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about fiddle music in the United States. American fiddle-playing began with the early settlers who found that the small viol family instruments were portable and rugged. According to Ron Yule, « John Utie, a 1620 immigrant, settled in the North and is credited as being the first known fiddler on American soil ». In a radical departure from tradition, groups such as Trio Chipontepec are cropping up at American fiddle festivals. Rock is fusing with country, jazz with rock, and classical violinists are retooling in an era characterized by home recording studios and the easy availability of new media such as MP3 downloads. Some folk fiddlers distinguish « fiddle » from « violin », though this is far from universal – many classical violinists refer to their « fiddle ». Fiddle playing generally avoids vibrato except for occasional slow tempo pieces and even then uses less vibrato.

Shorter bow strokes are also consistent with the fiddle players’ tendency to use less legato and more detache bow strokes. Some, but not all, styles use double stops and open tunings. Fiddle players tend to play fiddle « tunes » rather than sonatas and other classical types of compositions. For instance, partitas have been popular with fiddle players, particularly since publication of the Open House CD by Kevin Burke, an Irish style player based in Portland, Oregon.

Also known as « OBS », Orange Blossom Special exploits the capacity of fiddle or violin to imitate various mechanical tones. The canonical American fiddle tune, « The Devil Went Down to Georgia » was written by Charlie Daniels as an interpretation the « Lonesome Fiddle Blues » by Vassar Clements and has been covered innumerable times. Blues fiddle uses the pentatonic blues scale to create riffs for breaks and over guitar chords typically in the standard blues progression. Vibrato is not often used, although may occasionally be used in an exaggerated manner for special effect. Old time fiddle uses a profusion of double stops and authentic players typically tune their instruments in « open tunings » or cross tunings. The set ups often include flattened bridges and in some cases no chin rest.